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Online Repairing, Fixing and Meshing Service for CAD and CAE Models


. View and Translate designs in your favorite browser.

. Works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE.

. View parts and assemblies from popular 3D formats right inside your browser.

CAD geometry quality analysis and tessellation

Multiple healing & repairing advantages in order to get automatically a watertight solid. An intelligent model quality analysis, it detects small gaps, overlaps between faces, lack of accuracy of the limitation curves, etc... It generates an stl model.

Supported upload formats: CAD, CAE and Design

CAD:.iges, .igs, .step, .stp, .brep

Design:.stl, .obj

CAE:.nas(Nastran BULK),.pc(PamCrash),.inp(Abaqus),.mesh(MeshGems)

.zip files for .mesh, stl or obj (multi-files)

.zip files for Nastran,PamCrash or Abaqus (include files),

Supported download formats:

Design:.stl, .obj

CAE:.nas(Nastran BULK),.pc(PamCrash),.inp (Abaqus),.mesh (MeshGems)

Meshing Suite

This meshing suite is a comprehensive set of meshing components, which aim at providing CAD/CAE application developers with reliable, fast and high quality meshing technologies.

These components address all aspects of automatic meshing for real life industrial 3D numerical simulations, using very efficient algorithms:

- Surface meshing from both analytical CAD and discrete CAD (tessellation),

- Triangular mesh generation,

- Cleaner for mesh correction,

- Correction of data, whether geometrical or triangulated,

- Volume mesh generation, Tetra and Hexa (not implemented yet),

- Remeshing.

- Boolean operations.

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